Friday, 6 March 2009

Tatting, Embroidery and ATCs

Sharon was asking a while back if any one had looked for things that could be improved with the addition of tatting or looked for new ways to showcase tatting? Well I have just come across this picture (on the left) of a friendship square that I made for a friend last autumn. The fabric is hand dyed cotton. After embroidering the daisies I decided it definately needed some tatting around it to finish it off and of course I just had to add beads. The design is approximately 6" high

On the right is an ATC (Artist Trading Card) which I swapped with another embroiderer. The idea behind these is you create a miniature work of art (approximately 2 1/2" x 3 1/2")
in your chosen medium and swap it with a fellow enthusiast. They are swapped between people all over the world. There are whole sites devoted to them as well as yahoo groups but this was a one off we did in the EG forum last summer.


It's finished. I enjoyed tatting this motif. Iris designed it so that we could continue making further motifs and turn it into a doiley which I thought was a great idea. With the aid of her computer Sherry turned it into a doiley which is fabulous and makes me want to have a go.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

TIAS (Tat It and See)

Yippee another Tat it and See. This is the 5th TIAS challenge that has been organised by various people but my second time in taking part. This time Iris Niebach aka The Tattingplayer has organised the challenge. We are only given part of the instructions and have no idea what we are making. We have to guess or wait until near the end when we can see for ourselves what it is. No diagrams only instructions. Oh dear, then I have no chance. Fortunately Laura was quick off the mark and provided the much needed picture to enable me to get an idea of what was needed. Inspite of the helpful image I still managed to make a mistake so this was my second attempt. The threads left dangling at the beginning were darned in and look a bit bulky. Not brilliant I must say but it is OK for what I call a sample. I have been running a bit behind as this is the 4th day and I have been trying to catch up. This is the result of the first day's instuctions.

Here is the result of the second day's instructions. This went quite well I thought. No disasters. My tension is a bit..well OK... quite a bit off. By this time Jane Eborall and Sherry Pence had also published their versions so it was easy to see I was on the right track. Their versions are much neater but I am still learning these new techniques so I am happy that at least I have understood and been able to follow the pattern. Measuring the picots was a bit of a challenge fortunately I learned the different ways of doing this at a workshop in Portsmouth hosted by the Pompey Tatters who are a really helpful and friendly bunch.

This is the result of the day 3 instructions. This is beginning to look interesting. I have still no idea what it could be but it looks pretty in two colours. I made a mistake on the 3rd blue ring and had to cut it out and start that section again. More practice in stitching in ends. I think I am going to have to make this again once I know what it is just to prove to myself I can actually make it without making so many mistakes.

Well I have finally caught up, this is the result of the day 4 instructions. This wasn't particularly difficult but I still managed to make a couple of stupid mistakes which were easily rectified as I spotted them before I closed the ring. I also ran out of the pink thread (more practice in darning in threads) and to cap it all I noticed I have done a couple of design modifications by adding an extra picot on each side of the top trefoil(at least I am assuming it's the top). It wasn't intentional so I hope Iris will forgive me. I am now ready for the next set of instructions, hopefully I will be able to finish it without running out of thread again or making any more mistakes. I am quite pleased with it so far despite the mistakes and I have enjoyed the challenge and learning new techniques.