Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's resolution is to finish all my UFO's by the end of 2009. (Did I hear someone sniggering!?) Knowing how many UFO's I have I don't think it is realistically possible but it is only January. Before Christmas Jon generously offered the pattern for this beautiful celtic snowflake. I managed to do the first two rounds before Christmas and finished and blocked it yesterday. The thread I used was Marilee's Yarnplayer Sugar Maple Linen 30/2 which I purchased back in October. The photo doesn't do it justice as the colours are lovely. I had been looking forward to using this thread but I made the mistake of not making a test motif in cheap thread and had to retro tat a couple of times. I enjoyed making this motif and will definitely make it again.

I started Jane E's fabulous Daisy bracelet pattern as soon as she posted it. I had optimistically intended it to be a birthday present for a friend's birthday. I dutifully tatted the earing as a test tat but shortly after starting the bracelet I got myself a bit confused with the pattern so I put it to one side in order to do my Christmassy things. You can see where I have gone wrong but I will continue with it and keep it as an example, as i have plenty of thread and beads. Hopefully by the time I have eventually finished the bracelet I will have the pattern firmly cemented in my brain and will be able to do it again without any mistakes. Oh and by the way my friend ended up with something totally different for her birthday.


  1. Your Quantiesque snoflake turned out beautiful in Yarnplayers Sugar Maple. I have some Sugar Maple HDT, as well, and I have thoroughly enjoyed tatting with the fabulous fall colors. Your daisy bracelet is adorable in PINK! Whenever you get that finished someone is going to be a very lucky recipient! :)

  2. Hello Jane, thank you for tatting the Q snowflake. The Yarnplayer thread that you used for it looks delicious, befitting the name, Sugar Maple. Yarnplayer gives the best names to her HDT and I always struggle to come up with a catchy name for my designs.

    Oh .. I have added your site to my reading list in Google Reader. This is one place that I want ot come back to.

  3. Thank you TattingChic and Jon for your compliments. I have some more of Yarnplayers threads which I want to tat up and want to do the Q snowflake again with it......eventually!

    Google reader is great for keeping up with blogs isn't technology wonderful!