Wednesday, 3 September 2008

This is another fabric I made at a Lesley George workshop. It is very basic leaf shapes cut out and laid on to a piece of calico and stitched down using the machine's inbuilt stitch patterns. Once I felt I had stitched into it enough I turned it over and did vermicelli bobbin work to create a bit of texture. I love this fabric and have used it several times. The item on the right of the picture is a folder I made to hold all the different type of machine needles. The inside is shown below. If I made it again I would modify the inside by adding elastic to the pockets to stop the needle packets falling out. They don't fall far because it has a zipper all the way round the outside but it can be a bit annoying when some of the packets fall out of their little pockets.


  1. What a totally cool needle case! That is awesome. Wow, you are talented. Thanks for the comment on my blogapalooza post. I am just getting caught up, now! I'm going to have to snoop around as I saw "tatting" as one of your interests in your blog profile! :)

  2. I agree with TattingChic! That is a very beautiful case. LOL I also see it holding a tatting shuttle collection.

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments.
    Connie I had not thought about a case for my shuttles. Hmm. I will think about that for a project after Christmas.