Thursday, 9 October 2008

Mary Corbet on is asking what project gave us the most pleasure and why. Well I can honestly say without hesitation the piece that has given me the most pleasure and continues to do so is the pulled thread whitework doily I did in my evening class with Anne Hills. I loved every minute of making it and could barely put it down while I was making it. I stitched on it every spare minute. It only took me about 3 weeks from start to finish. Anne helped me with some of the stitches as she had already made the piece and had started on a whole tablecloth in the same style! Anne died not long afterwards so it has wonderful memories for me of a very dedicated and caring tutor. I wonder where that tablecloth is now.


  1. Oh this is beautiful! One of my goals next year is to do a pulled thread sampler. I keep looking at directions and drooling. I think it is some of the most delicate needlework I've seen.

  2. Jane, Also in answer to your question about the little bag on my blog - the shape of the bag came from an old pattern I had for accessories. The strap is macrame crochet cord, the kind used as the tape for Romanian Point Lace. It's so easy to crochet and makes such a nice cord that I use it for these bags all the time. The tatted closure is my own design. I designed for a class I taught in April at Hector, NY: I just added a loop for the button fastening.